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  W.E. - Women Empowered


The Women Empowered (WE) is an exclusive forum of women Entrepreneurs, with a plan, Professionals, Educators, Clergy, Home-based, Community leaders, Non-Profits, and New Start-ups who group together to connect, link, interact and share ideas, for professional and personal growth, social networking and exchange information, educate, promote member’s businesses, work on career goals, encourage, empower, invent, provoke a spirit of sisterhood, network, and counsel. WE are dedicated and committed to support, create opportunities and foster healthy relationships that will form healthy businesses and ministries and provide resources needed to actualize dreams and visions.   

WE Pray, Push, Assist, Direct, Refer, Brainstorm, Inspire, Provide, Help, Empower, and Build-up to Improve the quality of our and our family's lives and others.

Our Mission: Our Mission is to encourage women of vision and similar goals to put their faith in action by connecting and linking with other women which can help them accomplish their endeavors and become successful, and we sow seeds into each other to help bring visions into fruition/reality.

In the midst of interacting, members create opportunities to discuss and develop new plans, fundraising ideas, allow members the comfort to ask questions without feeling judged or unimportant and create platforms to present inventions, businesses and ministries.


Director/Leader and Visionary of Women EmpowermentCynthia Bryant

How to Join or offer any kind of support, contact us at 718-772-7951 

Via Email:  hccb8743@gmail.com