J.U.S.T.I.C.E Organization

Justice Unity Strength To Improve Community Economics!  



Pastor Cynthia Bryant

 is a profound pastor and a five-fold minister (Apostle, Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, and Missionary). Pastor Bryant has a heart and compassion for people. Pastor Bryant is transparent about what God has done in her own life which is powerful in her approach to ministry and counseling which is effective in reaching many. She is committed to serve her immediate community and abroad. She is an Apostle by the way God uses her to build others up emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. She prepares people to walk in their purpose and destiny by preaching and teaching the word of God, builds ministries around the globe, and help others expand their outreach efforts and ministries. As a Prophet with a Seer's anointing, she speak forth life, love and truth into the lives of people as the Holy Spirit gives her utterance. She also speak words of inspiration and revelation as a mouth piece for God. As a Missionary she serves people by the way God uses her to donate food, shelter, clothes and the word of God as their tool for survival. As an Evangelist, she travels nationally and locally spreading the Good News including prisons, churches, the streets, shelters etc. As a Teacher, she expounds on the Word of God to the residents in a way that a child could understand.

Bishop Harlan Bryant

 is a man of valor. Bishop walks in humility, faith, and love which is a blessing to the JUSTICE community. He is a prolific Teacher, Minister, Mentor, and Overseer, and also has a heart for people. As a Teacher, he rightly divides/shares the word of God in a way that both the young and old can understand, and with authority and conviction. As an Overseer, Bishop is a watchman on the wall by the way he oversees and co-lead the JUSTICE organization with his Wife. As a Mentor, he is a great role model as a father, brother, husband and man of God by the way he lives by example. Bishop is a Minister who reaches people in his own and unique way. He is able to minister in the spirit of meekness, love, and mercy as Jesus did when He was here in the flesh. He has compassion for building up communities and the kind of personality that draws people towards him because of his God-innate ability to speak the truth in love and his compassion for people. He has a desire to see people whole again.

Together, both Bishop and Pastor Bryant are committed to the charge and mandate over their lives. They are called to build up communities, help restore families, meet the basic needs of individuals and families, and encourage people to live on purpose.