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Justice Unity Strength To Improve Community Economics!  


Welcome to Justice Organization

Since the inception of the Justice Organization in 1990, We have been serving and assisting those in the community and abroad (Internationally). Over the years, we provided people of diverse (multi-cultural) groups with social services-counseling-food-clothing-housing-sustance abuse counseling-linkage to other agencies and more; using an holistic approach to the well-being of individuals, families and their multi-dimensional needs/problems. In effect, we not only provide temporary housing, but we provide a host of services to strengthen, advocate for, and restore a sense of self and purpose in the lives of people. 

The volunteers/staff members of J.U.S.T.I.C.E help to encourage, supervise, and instill a sense of responsibility in our residents that will move them towards self sufficiency and independence. Our hands on and direct service approach allows us to focus on those clients who are in need of special services.  

The goal of the outreach program is to support the members of the community by addressing their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. There is a complementary supplemental approach at Justice from a team of ministers, medical professionals, human service workers, volunteers, and counselors who are also a part of the ministerial staff to serve the people.

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By giving your financial support, you help provide others with housing needs, food, clothes, meals, counseling, and more.