J.U.S.T.I.C.E Organization

Justice Unity Strength To Improve Community Economics!  

Volunteers & Partnerships      

PantryPrison Ministry Outreach   

The JUSTICE organization is in partnership with other churches and organizations, and individuals; locally and across the globe. 


Raymond Feliz: Director of Housing/Pantry 

Theodore Roosevelt: Prison Ministry 

Morgan J. Bryant: Executive Director/Pantry 

Josephine Turnpseed : Secretary/Prayer/Women’s Night/Pantry 

Dr. Wendy Finlay: Associate Pastor/Educator 

Pastor Fannie Sherman: Minister/Teacher/Bible Study 

Barbara Aldrih: Secretary/Prayer/Women’s Night/Pantry 

Pastor Shelena Lewis (Pastor Pink) Minister/Outreach

Dawn Richards: Women's Night

Jacqueline Heard:  Minister/Counselling

Damien Ellis: Pantry

Pastor Shikira Maharaj Women’s Night/Prayer

Travis Finlay: Youth Minister/Music Ministry

Tedros : Director for Pantry


Our other outreach locations:                                 

North Carolina

Volunteer/Staff: Betty, Barbara, Cecil Rainwater, Tracy, Josephine (Distribute clothes/food)

 Pastor: Marie Ford


Puerto Rico

Volunteer/Staff: Linda, Miguel

Honduras Pastor Emma

Nassau Bahamas: Dorothy D. Bethel, Porsher, Kimmy (H.I.V. camp  

Dominican Repúblic: Dorothy D. Bethel, Porsher & Kimmy